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Welcome to Maine Yoga Company



Maine Yoga Company (MYC) is located within the small-town community of Sidney, Maine.  The studio resides in a country setting, offering an open invitation for you to immerse into a practice that helps disconnect from the distraction and noise around us. Practicing the limbs of yoga brings an opportunity to be tune with who we are at our core, to listen to our bodies, to build strength all while helping gain flexibility and improve mental well-being. During our sessions at MYC we also practice new breathing patterns that help with stress management not only by connecting to the mind, body, and soul on the mat but also while practicing off the mat. The energy in this space is unique, welcoming, and comforting. If you love the outdoors and fun adventures, follow us on FaceBook for the events schedule. One favorite winter event is a warmup yoga session, while enjoying a homemade herbal tea followed by snowshoeing in the beautiful quiet acreage right outside the studio door. As an MYC community we invite each other to go on hiking trips in the various parts of Maine. Whether you are a return yogi or would like to get started on your own yoga journey, contact Devon anytime for questions or to join upcoming classes.

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Yoga Classes

All levels and beginners are welcome.

Classes are guided through verbal modifications and includes all props. Bring your own mat or borrow a class mat. Children must be ten years of age and older to attend class. Playlists are used and designed by the instructor to synchronize with the class type. In studio classes require entry with two sets of stairs.

To join a class click on the link below to review the monthly class calendar and pricing posted on the Maine Yoga Company Facebook page.  You can message Devon via messenger, text or email to join a class.

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Meet Devon

Devon Cummings, RYT-200 Instructor & Owner

Hello, my name is Devon Cummings, RYT-200 Instructor. My vision for this journey is to bring the yoga experience and lifestyle into each class. Taking little bits of time out of our busy routines to enjoy the self-love spiral inward is a wonderful gift to yourself. Bringing yoga into the lives of so many individuals gives enormous amounts of joy to my heart, as each person has their own takeaways; I love the feedback. As an Instructor, I strive to plan each session to be different and often tailored to fit the needs of my students. Life gets busy, we sometimes overcomplicate it and this tends to wear our mind, body and spirit down throughout the year and of course through the everchanging Maine seasons. Join me in class to provide an opportunity for yourself to gain strength, mobility and flexibility. A bonus is that by attending these sessions it will rejuvenate the soul, by returning to yourself, for no one else but for you. This is a truly the most remarkable gift you can give to yourself.

I look forward to meeting you.

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